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Woolpert Expands Partnership with Ecopia AI to Map Australian Metros in 3D

June 20, 2023 - Ecopia & Woolpert announce an expanded partnership to map Australia's top metro areas in 3D, powering smart cities, engineering, & more.

June 20, 2023 – Toronto – Today, Ecopia AI (Ecopia) and Woolpert, announce an expanded partnership to map Australia’s top metropolitan areas in 3D. The resulting vector maps will provide Woolpert’s Asia-Pacific clients with a detailed, accurate, and up-to-date foundational layer of geospatial data that represents the dimensional world as we know it. 

As a leading geospatial services provider, Woolpert works with government and commercial organizations alike to map and analyze locations for strategic decision-making. Among their clients are municipalities developing smart city technology to foster more sustainable, livable communities, as well as telecommunications and engineering firms building infrastructure that supports a constantly changing world.

This expanded partnership builds upon Ecopia and Woolpert’s previous collaborations. In 2021, the two companies partnered to map the City of Perth in 3D for a state land information authority. Through that engagement, Ecopia leveraged Woolpert’s high-resolution aerial imagery to map all of Perth’s buildings in 3D, plus surrounding land cover in 2D. Ecopia’s AI-based mapping systems were able to digitize these features in just 12 days, with a 40% cost savings for the Local State Information Authority. Woolpert and Ecopia have partnered on other projects as well, mapping complex change detection in New Zealand and analysis to support stormwater fee calculations for local governments in Australia.

The new 3D map data will cover over 70% of Australia’s population, including the metro areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Using Woolpert’s 10cm resolution aerial imagery and their own automated photogrammetric workflows, Ecopia will extract 15 land cover classification features, including 3D vectors for buildings, trees, and bridges.

“We are pleased  to expand our offering of 3D data in Australia through our ongoing partnership with Ecopia,” explained Brian Nicholls, Woolpert Asia-Pacific Vice President. “Quality geospatial data is a core focus of Woolpert, and Ecopia is unmatched in their ability to produce highly accurate, up-to-date, 3D data efficiently and cost-effectively.”

“Ecopia is honored to continue and expand our partnership with Woolpert, a proven leader in the geospatial industry,” said Abigail Coholic, Senior Director of Partnerships at Ecopia. “Their commitment to accuracy and innovation is aligned with Ecopia’s own mission to digitize the world using AI, and we are excited to continue working together and empower Asia-Pacific clients with geospatial data of the highest quality.”

Check out a sample of this 3D data for Melbourne below:

For more information on Ecopia, click here. To view our HD map samples, click here.


About Woolpert
Woolpert is the premier architecture, engineering, geospatial (AEG), and strategic consulting firm, with a vision to become one of the best companies in the world. We innovate within and across markets to effectively serve public, private, and government clients worldwide. Woolpert is a Global Top 100 Geospatial Company, a Top 100 ENR Global Design firm, earned six straight Great Place to Work certifications, and actively nurtures a culture of growth, inclusion, diversity, and respect. Founded in 1911 in Dayton, Ohio, Woolpert has been America’s fastest-growing AEG firm since 2015. Woolpert has over 2,000 employees and more than 60 offices on five continents. For more, visit

About Ecopia AI
Ecopia is on a mission to create a digital twin of the Earth. We leverage artificial intelligence to convert high-resolution imagery into high-definition (HD) vector maps. These maps form a digital representation of reality and are embedded into decision-making applications, offering unique insight at scale. Ecopia’s HD vector maps are leveraged for hundreds of commercial and government applications across over 100 countries around the world. 

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