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Sutter County Selects Ecopia to Enhance Assessment Workflows

April 3, 2023 -- Sutter County, CA selects Ecopia to provide the first comprehensive and up-to-date map of buildings, powering more accurate and equitable tax assessment.


April 3, 2023 -- Toronto -- Ecopia AI (Ecopia) announces it was selected by Sutter County, California to provide a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date map of every building across its entire 608+ square mile area. The map is currently being used to identify unregistered buildings and update its parcel database to be more equitable.

Prior to working with Ecopia, Sutter County struggled to identify unregistered building construction, a key component of property tax assessment. While most construction is registered and taxed accordingly, inevitably there will always be unpermitted construction that is difficult to keep track of, especially over an area of more than 608 square miles. 

To augment their permit database, many tax jurisdictions across the world keep track of unregistered construction by manually reviewing and digitizing geospatial imagery, a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. Sutter County officials sought a more innovative solution to this challenge that would enable them to develop a more equitable tax assessment system, and identified Ecopia as the ideal partner to work with.

To develop the comprehensive building map, Ecopia’s AI-based systems ingested high-resolution aerial imagery provided by Sutter County. In just 4 weeks, Ecopia was able to extract 54,000 buildings, 494 of which were unregistered. The County is currently leveraging the building footprint map to fairly assess taxes, and is also exploring other opportunities to apply the data for up-to-date property insights.

Sutter County California building footprints
A sample of the 54,000 building footprints extracted in Sutter County by Ecopia

“The high-precision building data from Ecopia is helping us build a more equitable and accurate tax assessment system,” said Jarvis Jones, GIS Analyst at Sutter County Information Technology. “Our community is constantly changing, and staying up-to-date with these changes is a challenging but necessary element of our county government. Ecopia’s data ensures we are keeping up with a dynamically changing community and developing county programs that meet the needs of our residents.”

“We’re excited to provide Sutter County with its first comprehensive building map,” said Thomas Peck, Business Development Analyst at Ecopia. “We created our AI-based mapping systems to help organizations more efficiently extract geospatial insights about the real world, and we are proud to empower Sutter County with the property intelligence it needs to foster a more equitable community.”‍

For more information on Ecopia, click here. To view our HD map samples, click here.


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Ecopia is on a mission to create a digital twin of the Earth. We leverage artificial intelligence to convert high-resolution imagery into high-definition (HD) vector maps. These maps form a digital representation of reality and are embedded into decision-making applications, offering unique insight at scale. Ecopia’s HD vector maps are leveraged for hundreds of commercial and government applications across over 100 countries around the world.

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