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Ecopia AI Recognized as One of Canada’s Top-Performing Tech Companies

June 15, 2022 -- Ecopia AI today announced that it was recognized on Team True North as one of 35 top-performing private Canadian technology companies on the path to $1B in revenue.

June 15, 2022 -- Toronto, Ontario -- Ecopia AI (“Ecopia”) today announced that it was recognized on Team True North as one of Canada’s top-performing technology companies. 

Announced earlier this morning by Communitech as part of TMX Investor Day, Team True North is a roster of private Canadian innovation companies shown by verified data to have the highest probability of reaching $1B in annual revenue. This effort was inspired by Canada’s Own the Podium program for Olympic athletes, which resulted in 14 gold medals for Canada – the most of any country – at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

​​“Team True North confirms that Canada – with its diverse set of best-in-class firms from coast to coast is well on its way to becoming the world’s top tech ecosystem,” said Chris Albinson, CEO and President at Communitech. “These companies have the highest probability of achieving billion-dollar status not only because of their impressive growth rates, but also their unwavering commitment to building trust into technology, which gives Canada a distinct global advantage.”

“Ecopia AI is honoured to be named to Team True North,” said Jon Lipinski, Co-Founder and President of Ecopia AI. “Ecopia is on a bold mission to create a digital twin of the earth - and we’re proud to be named amongst other ambitious teams building world-leading technology companies here in Canada.”

According to comprehensive data gathered by Silicon Valley Bank, analysis done by New York-based data science firm Two Sigma, and the model developed by Communitech for confirming high growth potential, each company in this first class of Team True North meets one of four criteria: 

  • $20M-$39M in annual revenue with 60 percent or more growth rate;
  • $40M-$79M in annual revenue with 40 percent or more growth rate;
  • $80M - $99M in annual revenue with at least 20 percent growth rate; or
  • +$100M in annual revenue with at least 15 percent growth rate.

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About Communitech
Established in 1997 in Waterloo Region, Communitech was built by tech founders who saw the need for a community of support to help ensure the future prosperity of Canada. Today, Communitech is Canada’s leading innovation hub, supporting a community of more than 1,200 founders by providing accelerated opportunities to access talent, capital and sales. 

As Canada’s tech supercharger, Communitech helps founders start, grow and succeed by: 

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About Ecopia AI
Ecopia is on a mission to create a digital twin of the Earth. We leverage artificial intelligence to convert high-resolution imagery into high-definition (HD) Vector Maps. These maps form a digital representation of reality and are embedded into decision-making applications, offering unique insight at scale. Ecopia’s HD Vector Maps are leveraged for hundreds of commercial and government applications across over 100 countries around the world.

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