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High-precision data for telecommunications network planning

3D land cover in Busan
Busan, South Korea

Enhance network planning workflows and increase access with a complete view of existing infrastructure and serviceable locations.

Ecopia® is creating a digital twin to help plan, build, and optimize next-generation telecommunications networks around the world.

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Precision data for next-generation telecommunications networks

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Comprehensive coverage

    Ecopia offers complete high-precision 3D vector mapping data across the entirety of the United States, and the capability to expand coverage to anywhere on Earth upon demand.

  • Accurate vector data

    Accurate vector data

    Ecopia leverages our proven AI-based mapping systems to generate 3D vector data with the highest-precision, at-scale.

  • Fresh insights

    Fresh insights

    As the real world evolves, so do connectivity needs in communities across the globe. Ecopia ingests the freshest commercially-available high-resolution imagery from our imagery partners to keep telecom carriers up-to-date with new construction and other changes that impact networks.

Telecommunications use cases

  • Rural Broadband Expansion

    Rural Broadband Expansion

    Expand access to broadband services in underserved areas by leveraging precision mapping data to accurately identify broadband serviceable locations at a national scale.

  • 5G Network Planning

    5G Network Planning

    Leverage high-precision 3D maps in urban areas to optimize sensor placement, conduct radio-frequency propagation analysis, and optimize service areas.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

    Leverage comprehensive building footprints and structure address point geocodes to automate the identification of broadband serviceable locations and meet FCC, CAF II, and HUBB filing requirements.

  • Fiber Optic Planning

    Fiber Optic Planning

    Map all relevant features and infrastructure for fiber optic network expansion to optimize rollout plans and grow your customer base.

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