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Municipal & State Government

Comprehensive, accurate, & up-to-date vector maps for safer, smarter cities

Land cover map of Bristol
Bristol, United Kingdom

Improve transportation networks, public safety, and stormwater planning throughout your community with a virtual representation of infrastructure.

Ecopia® leverages AI to provide municipal and state governments with high-precision map data that virtually represents their unique geography with the level of detail needed to build safer and healthier communities. 

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Data designed for smart cities

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Comprehensive coverage

    Ecopia's AI-based technology ingests high-resolution geospatial imagery from our global partner network to extract comprehensive land cover data that includes any real-world features needed for analysis. This results in a complete digital representation of critical infrastructure and natural features for communities to use for strategic planning.

  • Accurate digitization

    Accurate digitization

    Our AI-based mapping systems digitize real-world features with the level of accuracy of a trained GIS professional, but at the scale and speed required for rapidly changing communities. With Ecopia, municipal and state governments can create highly detailed maps and analytics workflows without sacrificing the quality needed for decision-making.

  • Fresh insights

    Fresh insights

    Communities are constantly changing, creating new challenges for state and municipal governments to solve. Ecopia ingests fresh high-resolution imagery from our partners every year to keep governments up-to-date with new construction, a changing climate, and both aging and developing infrastructure.

Municipal & State Government Use Cases

  • Transportation Planning

    Transportation Planning

    Improve public asset management workflows, achieve ADA compliance, and work towards a Vision Zero future with a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date record of advanced transportation features.

  • Stormwater Management

    Stormwater Management

    Develop flood models, enhance climate resilience strategies, and monitor stormwater infrastructure with high-precision land cover data detailing distinct types of pervious and impervious surfaces.

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    Empower emergency response teams with next generation 911 systems that accurately locate call signals and closest unit dispatch using 3D buildings, rooftop-level geocodes, and associated driveways.

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