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The gold standard of property data for insurance

Rooftop-level geocoding in California
Sacramento, California

Accurately assess property risk, inform underwriting, and better manage claims with building-based geocodes and high-precision property intelligence.

We're creating a digital source of truth for the physical world to power accurate property risk assessment, underwriting, and claims management.

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Next-generation geospatial data to support the future of insurance

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Comprehensive coverage

    Ecopia® developed the first and only complete map of every building in the US, comprising 173M+ buildings and 240M+ primary and secondary addresses, to provide insurers with a source of truth for property analytics. Our AI-based mapping technology extracts insight from geospatial imagery at a national scale, from dense urban centers to sparsely populated rural areas.

  • Accurate geocodes

    Accurate geocodes

    Ecopia has developed a dedicated geocoding engine which uses a unique machine learning-based address parsing system to match each address to the correct building at-scale. This results in accurate building-based geocoding, offering a uniquely accurate foundation for all subsequent location-based analyses.

  • Fresh insights

    Fresh insights

    The real world is constantly changing, perpetually impacting property risk and replacement costs. Ecopia leverages our AI-based mapping systems to continuously ingest and process fresh high-resolution geospatial imagery, ensuring we are providing the most accurate representation of reality.

Insurance Use Cases

  • Underwriting


    Avoid scenarios of under- or over-pricing policies by accurately mapping each address in your book of business to high-precision building footprints.

  • Claims


    Streamline claims management workflows by analyzing the building(s) and surrounding property related to each address in your book of business.

  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment

    Develop a comprehensive view of a property and its surroundings to better anticipate risk and estimate replacement cost.

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