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Federal Government

Nationwide geospatial data for strategic decision-making

Land cover data in Seattle
Seattle, Washington

Develop strategic plans for nationwide initiatives in climate resilience, emergency preparedness, and rural broadband access with detailed mapping data.

Ecopia® empowers federal governments and agencies to solve the planet's most complex challenges with high-precision, detailed, and up-to-date map data that accurately reflects the real world.

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The foundation of a national digital twin

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Comprehensive coverage

    Ecopia leverages AI to extract complete land cover maps from high-resolution geospatial imagery, resulting in the digital representation of critical infrastructure and natural features federal governments and agencies need for strategic nationwide planning.

  • Accurate digitization

    Accurate digitization

    Our AI-based mapping technology digitizes real-world features with GIS-professional accuracy, yet with the scale and efficiency required for nationwide initiatives. With Ecopia, federal governments and agencies can create highly detailed maps across large geographic areas without sacrificing the quality needed for decision-making.

  • Fresh insights

    Fresh insights

    The world is constantly changing, creating new challenges for federal governments and agencies. Ecopia ingests fresh high-resolution imagery from our partners to keep maps up-to-date with changing infrastructure and climate conditions.

Federal Government use cases

  • Achieving Net-Zero

    Achieving Net-Zero

    Develop sustainable communities and accelerate Net-Zero goals with a comprehensive view of nationwide built and natural infrastructure, green space, and other features impacting the environment.

  • Rural Broadband Expansion

    Rural Broadband Expansion

    Efficiently plan and deploy broadband infrastructure in underserved rural areas with high-precision building-based geocoding and corresponding building footprints.

  • Infrastructure Planning

    Infrastructure Planning

    Accurately quantify built and natural infrastructure across the country and determine benchmarks between communities to ensure adequate infrastructure planning, equitable policies, and fair distribution of resources.

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